A saree is one of the oldest unstitched garments that are still worn from the past. A woman in saree is always described as “resplendently beautiful”. The saree has not lost it’s beauty nor it’s vibrant colours and the modest look.


It is very nice to know that the younger generation are now choosing to wear saree for school formals and it is being greatly admired by their friends. They have been highly taken by the variety we hold at the “Sarees in Style” shop in Sydney.


Many westerners are also choosing sarees to sew beautiful long dresses for functions.

With 5.5 metres (6 yards) one can turn a saree into many different types of attire.

At our “Sarees in Style” shop in Sydney we stock various textures, colours, borders and workings.

All these combined gives the glorious effect on the saree.


When you’re going saree shopping there are some important things to consider!

The colours & workings should compliment the texture and the effect it wants to portray. For example a very thick heavily worked border on a very light Georgette or Chiffon might not carry it well as the border is too heavy.

Then one has to consider how the saree will compliment the figure, height & skin tone of a person.

What might look nice on a picture, mannequin or another person may not suit another individual.

This is why it is very important to select sarees by actually seeing & draping it oneself before purchasing.

When you wear a saree it must enhance your beauty and make an impact!

Many have visited our boutique and have asked for a specific colour however they have then have walked away with a completely different colour – it is quite natural. What your brains think & what the mirror portrays can be two different images. Come to our Sarees in Style shop with an open mind about what you may find as I’ll be able to showcase to you a variety of different colours and textures to suit you and your occasion.

Please take time to choose a saree and never be pressurised or rushed.  This is why I offer appointments only when you wish to come and visit our saree boutique so that I can give you the time attention you need and there is no rush or other customers that I also need to attend to.

In any saree “ Elegance” is important. The saree is truly graceful attire and to have that elegance around your body only enhances one’s beauty.

Come and visit our “Sarees in Style” shop in Sydney and I will assist you to choose the best & appropriate for you.

Contact us on 0412 440 612 to make an appointment.