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It is the day every mother dreams of – she has sacrificed many things in her life to raise her children with great love and has given her best – the wedding day of her child is the climax – on that day many eyes will focus on her attire.  The mothers should look at their best- they deserve to have the perfect Mother of the Bride saree!


Queen of Silks

Traditionally Kanchipuram Silk sarees the “Queen of Silks” has been the popular choice. It gives that regal and elegant look. White and Red will clash with the colours the Bride will be wearing and should not be worn.

The main focal points in a saree are the border and the Pallu; these should be grand and unusual.

A traditional ceremony calls for a traditional.

Certain couple decided to have a destination wedding or a casual ceremony in a park or seaside.

In these instances a mix of less traditional saree to suit the environment is recommended.

For the wedding reception one can choose a flashy colourful flamboyant looking saree that stands out in the night. The reception saree can have some glitter to add little glamour.

Some brides like their mother and that of the Groom to wear a similar colour though not recommended. However, the best is for each mother to choose a colour that best suits them. Mothers are not Bridesmaids and hence they do not need to wear the same colours.

Colour: It is good to choose a colour that the mother has not worn before, something different will be noticed. This would reflect a completely new look on the day.

Enjoy the process of choosing your Mother of the Bride saree – this is a one in a lifetime experience. Come and visit us in Sydney to find your Sarees for the Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaids and Bride in our Sydney Saree Boutique.

“Absolutely loved the sarees I got and the variety was very trendy. I will definitely go back for more!!! Most of all Aunty Shantha was sweet as a button, great meeting her and she was there for suggestions and not there to judge, she was a great help with ideas which I greatly appreciated. Thanks again Aunty.” Shayami.