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Bridesmaids around the Bride should not be too grand and should avoid taking the focus from the bride.

Bridesmaids should be elegant and simple. Plain bridesmaid sarees are the best choice.

However one can choose to have a narrow border or small prints on the saree.

Recommended Bridesmaid Styles

As you can see from our gallery of photos below, the blouse of the Bridesmaid usually wears either a lace or brocade blouse.

All the girls should either wear the same colour or can choose two different shades, but there should be one common factor which can be the blouse and they can choose to wear the same fabric for eg; Gold blouse.

The focus also should be on the skin tone of all the bridesmaids, so the chosen colour should match all their skin tones.

If the bridal party is a large one with more than 6 bridesmaids, then choosing a lighter shade will not be over powering but if there is going to be less than 4 bridesmaids then one can choose a darker shade and tone it down with a simple blouse.

One can bring a little bling with some simple elegant but sparking jewellery.

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